Making a Collage in Lightroom 3

A few of our students have asked how to make a collage using Lightroom 3. Sure you can! Here’s how:

1. Choose the collection you want to use in the collage or ensure that you are in the catalogue.

2. Go to the Print module.

3. Make sure none of the pictures in the filmstrip area at the bottom of your screen are selected…if necessary, go to Edit > Select None (or Ctrl+D if you prefer).

4. On the bottom  left side of your screen, click Page Setup to choose your printer, your page size and whether you want borderless printing…click OK to confirm your choices.

5. Now, starting at the top right, choose the Layout Style panel to open it.

6. Choose Custom Package.

7. Delete all the squares that you might see on your page…make sure there is nothing on the page now.

8. Next, go to the Image Settings panel and uncheck everything…photo border, rotate to fit, and inner stroke. We can reapply these after if we want to.

9. Click on the Rulers, Grid & Guides panel. I usually turn on the Show Guides option and turn on Page Grid, have all other options off, and set the Grid Snap to Grid.

10. Because I want to drop and resize my photos myself, I ignore the Cells panel.

11. On the Page panel, I turn on the Page Background Colour and for web stuff, I often pick black as the colour by clicking on the little colour patch immediately to the right of the option itself.

12. Lastly, I go to the Print Job panel and right at the very top where it says Print to: I choose JPEG file. That makes sure that the picture will not actually print but will go to a file instead.

13. Then, I click and drag the pictures that I want to put in the collage from the film strip at the bottom onto the page. I resize as I go. (Hint: if you want to move one of the pictures inside a cell, hold the Ctrl key, click and hold on the picture you want to move and drag it until it’s framed the way you want it).

14. Once you’ve got your pictures in and sized and you’re happy with how they look, go down to the bottom right (just above the film strip) and hit Print to File.

That’s all there is to it! Well, there are always a few more steps you can take, but, that’s all there is to it…today. :)

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